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Welcome to my blog. Having previously received a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Virginia, I’m currently working toward a master’s degree in communications. I live in Northern Virginia, and I’ve worked as an IT consultant for more than a decade at such companies as AOL, AT&T, Booz Allen Hamilton, Deloitte, SAIC, and General Dynamics.

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When properly crafted, logos can be powerful instruments for persuasion. That said; to design an enticing symbol rather than an ineffective one, what’s known as Gernsheimer’s criteria can be followed. The criteria states that for a logo to be effective it should be  universally appealing, legible, and easily associated to the organization or individual it … Continue reading Recall


Doing something different is always a scary notion whether it’s in one’s personal life or career. But in the business world where playing it safe might leave your company lagging behind the competition, taking risks can sometimes pay off in a big way. A real-world company that gambled on innovation is “Spanx”. “They could have … Continue reading Spanked


Check under the hood of any successful company, and you’ll no doubt find that a high-performing marketing team played a sizable role in getting them to the top. Take Apple as an example. Winning the CMO award for Marketing Excellence ten years in a row, without question, Apple is a marketing powerhouse (Moorman, 2018). And … Continue reading High

The New Age

Poland has the most vibrant economy in Europe; projected to grow by more than 16 percent over the next few years according to Farris (2013). That said; many companies around the globe could be successful in the Polish market in the near future if they choose to do so. But there are significant challenges companies … Continue reading The New Age

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